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3rd Grade

Lost in Hawaii  

Once upon a time, a brother and sister went to Hawaii. Their names were Chris and Jamie. When they arrived there, they got lost on the beach, so they decided to swim in the ocean. Then they got out and caught eight hermit crabs. They each got four, so Jamie named her hermit crabs Kerry, Kristen, Taylor, and Victoria. Chris named his Nick, Tim, Greg, and Mike. They kept them as pets. Then they climbed palm trees to get coconuts to drink the milk and eat the meat

Later, they found a small cave with a waterfall and lagoon in front of the cave for their home. Then they met another brother and sister that lived in Hawaii. Their names were Tommy and Winnie. They all became friends. One day they all swam in the lagoon by Jamie and Chris’s house. They had a water fight and made sandcastles in the sand. The next day, Winnie taught Jamie how to weave a grass skirt while Chris and Tommy gathered food. The girls looked for flowers to make leis. Then they all went to the rainforest and found tropical frogs and lizards.

A week later, Jamie and Chris found their parents and were very happy to see them again. They were even happier when their parents said they could bring all their new pets home.


Ali Meyer, 3rd Grade