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2nd Grade


One night when Dion went to bed, she had the weirdest dream! She dreamt that she was in a rock and roll band and changed her name to Alanis! Their rock band’s name was The Twisters. Suddenly she was singing with The Twisters at Red Rocks in front of thousands of people! The crowd went wild when she sang the song “You Ought to Know.” All of a sudden the winds howled and a real twister came and the twister brought the band to a haunted house in a deep, dark woods. The haunted house had a big chandelier with thousands of cobwebs. Alanis heard a really weird sound and she said, “There’s a really weird sound coming from upstairs.” It sounded like a ghost! Alanis and the rest of The Twisters went upstairs to check it out. It turned out to be Jim Morrison of the Doors!!! The Twisters and Jim Morrison sang some songs together, They made a new song called “The Ghost.” Jim Morrison, Alanis, and The Twisters all became good friends.

Then the next morning Dion found out it was all just a dream. The best dream of her life!!!

Ali Meyer, Grade 2