School Projects

School Projects

1st Grade Project

The above artwork was drawn by Ali for a 1st grade project. Ali was 6 years old and had just begun her lifelong fascination with Tom Petty. The 1st grade teacher told us that most other students’ projects totaled 1 or 2 pages. Ali obviously was very motivated and got an “A” on the project.

2nd Grade Paper

The Weird Dream

3rd Grade Paper

Lost In Hawaii

4th Grade Projects

The True Story of Elvis Presley

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

5th Grade Projects

How Rock & Roll was Started


2nd Grade

THE WEIRD DREAM One night when Dion went to bed, she had the weirdest dream! She dreamt that she was in a rock and roll band and changed her name to Alanis! Their rock band’s name was The Twisters. Suddenly she was singing with The Twisters at Red Rocks in front of thousands of people! …

3rd Grade

Lost in Hawaii   Once upon a time, a brother and sister went to Hawaii. Their names were Chris and Jamie. When they arrived there, they got lost on the beach, so they decided to swim in the ocean. Then they got out and caught eight hermit crabs. They each got four, so Jamie named …

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