5th Grade – How Rock & Roll was Started

How Rock’ n ‘Roll was started

A Long time ago, in England, is where my story begins. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning and the birds were chirping. King Fred had just awakened. “Stop that noise!” King Fred screamed to his slave, “Kick them out of England!”

“But, King Fred, it is only the birds!” cried the servant, now trying to get his neck out of the King’s fist.

“Put up sound-proof windows then,” ordered the King who was going to breakfast.

While this was happening, Z was laying in the freshly mowed grass looking at the clouds. “Ali, Ali Rockart,” said my best friend Bob Roll carrying his drum, “aren’t we going to play today?” I sat up and Bob and I headed to my house.

“You want to help me with that?” I asked, not waiting for a reply, I grabbed the other side of the drum. We hauled the drum into my garage, or as we like to call it, “The Music Studio”. I plugged in my Gibson Les Paul guitar into my amplifier. “One, two, one two three four!” Bob yelled as he tapped his drumsticks. We rocked and we rolled (even though it wasn’t invented yet).

King Fred heard this and wasn’t pleased. “I don’t want that racket in my country!” he yelled breaking a mirror,” send them to the New World!” The same servant now with a neckbrace headed for my house.

“Excuse me!” he yelled, “Excuse me!” he wailed. Bob and I stopped. “The King has ordered me to kick you out of England if you wish to continue your music. You would have to go to the New World.: Bob and I looked at each other, we knew what one another was thinking.

“We are going to the New World,” Bob and I said at the same time. We loved our music too much to quit.

After Servant Sam left, Bob left too. Bob and I planned to meet at the coffee shop after we packed. Time passed and Bob and I were headed towards the harbor. We got on the boat and in about four days we landed in the New World and set foot in our new home. After we were unpacked, we searched for a rehearsal area. We lived in an apartment that didn’t have an available garage. We looked, looked, and looked some more. Finally, we found a place in the park to rehearse. People watched in amazement. Soon, everyone was watching. Shortly after, everyone in the New World knew our names. The villagers also knew our story about the Kind and they came up with revenge. The villagers along with Bob and I, all went to England. On the way, we made fliers. We hung fliers everywhere in England. The day came of the plan had come. Bob and I carried our equipment in front of the palace. Everyone in the area came, Bob and I started playing. Soon, the King arrived. The King didn’t want his people to know he didn’t like our music because they did. He begged Bob and I not to tell anyone, so there was a compromise. “I would like to make an announcement,” cried the King, “There is a new kind of music, I would like to call it rock ‘n’ roll after the last names of Ali Rocken and Bob Roll. Also, my wife and I are no longer the King and Queen of England, Bob and Ali are. We are their servants,” sobbed King Fred.

That is my story. Rock ‘n’ roll is now famous. It has been enjoyed by millions of people all across the world.

Ali Meyer, 5th Grade