4th Grade – The True Story of Elvis Presley

The True Story of Elvis Presley

Elvis was a very famous singer when he was alive. He sang very many places. Doctors say that he died of drug overdose, but I am going to tell you the true story about Elvis.

In the mid-sixties, Elvis was the most popular singer. He would wear jumpsuits with tons of glitter and sequins. One day Elvis got invited to sing for Zeus, god of all Greek gods. This is what the message said:

Elvis Presley:
Please come tonight at:
2210 North Mount Olympus(At the very top)
Yours truly,

Elvis would go anywhere to sing, so he went to the base of Mount Olympus. “Whoa, Mama, that is a reallytall Mountain!” said Elvis when he reached the Base. “Well, I guess I have to climb.” He started to climb the mountain, but he fell. Luckily, Zeus zoomed down on a cloud and asked, “Are you Elvis? Why yes I am,” Elvis said very proud. “Hop right on,” said Zeus. Elvis replied, “Now that is what I call service. You saved me from a hard climb and a sore bottom.”

They made it to the top. Zeus showed Elvis where he was going to sing. It was in Zeus’s house, on his balcony. Right under the balcony was a gigantic pot full of steaming hot water. “Whoa, Mama! Why is that pot right there?” Elvis screamed. “Uh, some gods are having a barbecue and you can’t have a barbecue without stew.” Zeus replied in a straggly voice. Elvis was a very gullible guy, so he believed Zeus.

About a half-hour later, Elvis started to sing. He sang from “Jail House Rock” to “You Ain’t Nothing but a Houndog,” until Zeus called for an intermission. The audience screamed, “We want Elvis to scream more, no intermission!” at Zeus, but he made them stop. He walked over to Elyis. He stopped and talked for a while.  Then, as quick as a wink and as sly as a fox, he pushed Elvis out of the window into the gigantic pot of steaming hot water! He laughed a cruel laugh and concluded, “I didn’t lie about the stew, he is the stew!” Everyone laughed gleefully and crookedly. They had just cheered for him because it was the only polite and sneaky way to show him how delicious he truly was going to be.”

Ali Meyer, 4th Grade, Winner