4th Grade – Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

Cutting Down Our Christmas Trees

Prologue: A few days before Christmas my family and I go to a Christmas tree ranch. It’s a very long drive so we leave around 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. So now I’m going to tell you the fun and excitement we have when we go cutting down our Christmas trees.

When I get up on the day we are going cutting, I feel warm and excited in the heart. While I get dressed, eat breakfast, and jump in the truck my heart is pounding as fast as a jet takes off into the nice, blue, mellow, and bright sky. It’s so exciting to know we are going to cut down our trees for Christmas. As we enter the ranch, we can smell the rich, minty, and fresh smell of the beautiful pine trees place in perfect rows all over the ranch for people to cut down, decorate, and enjoy for the Christmas spirit and holiday. We hike around for the perfect tree like a pirate hunts for hidden treasure. Finally, we find a tree for the living room, so we stick our saw in the hard thick stem and saw away. The sound of the saw is loud and makes a chill go down your back. Then, my dad hooks the tree on top of the truck and we look for our little tree. Finally, we find it, so we stick our saw into the stem and saw until the tree falls down on to the moist and soft ground. After that is done we hook it on top of our truck with the big tree. We drive away from the ranch and when we get home, my parents put up the trees to be decorated. It’s so much fun to cut down our Christmas trees and I hope to do this for many years to come.

Ali Meyer, 4th Grade